Who we are

Who we are

We are Storhm

We are Storhm. (Pronounced storm). We create industry-leading products that deliver complete, dependable, immediate connections.

Storhm was founded in 2021, when we realized that we now live in a world where it’s expected that whatever we need is accessible completely and instantly. We saw connection products that were well-crafted but offered nothing more than their aesthetics, and products that were comparatively advanced but uninspiring.

It was then we decided to no longer sit on the sideline, but instead, take things into our own hands. Storhm gives beginners, techies, and professionals alike the opportunity to experience complete, dependable, immediate connections.  

Why we do it

Connections without limits isn’t just a tagline, it’s our vision, and we truly believe we can remove the limits of modern connection technology, making information transmission as immersive as the human senses and experience.

Putting beliefs aside, we’ve seen first-hand the impact that our connection products have on people's lives, and we want to share more of it with everyone so that we can and should expect more from companies when it comes to interconnections.

Our mission is to reimagine connections with uncompromised speed, clarity, and convenience for an increasingly impatient world.

Whether it’s viewing your favorite content on maximum resolution or transferring the enormous file you wish to share, the ability to freely attain complete sets of content and information is a vital component of both productivity and entertainment, and that’s why we stand and strive for interconnections without compromises.

Our promises to you

So, how can you trust Storhm, a brand that you may have just come across on the internet?

Besides that we attended and had a booth at CES®2021 a few weeks after we launched the brand, and we're already working with companies like Google, Samsung, Microsoft, and Sony, here are our promises to you:


We are proud of everything that we make. Nothing leaves us that we would not stake our reputation on.

'Good enough' is never good enough.


We encourage and incubate creativity throughout our
organization. We question everything constantly, seeking to improve. We challenge conformity, drive progress, and exceed expectations.


We commit and strive to utilize materials and processes that not only won't harm but will enhance the environment around us and around the world.


We act with the understanding that we are always responsible and accountable for all actions within our business. 


We value our clients as we value our own team. We listen, we consider, we discuss. All input is valuable and appreciated.